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To Promote the Health, Welfare and Safety of our Communities by Advocating for Responsible Planning
to Insure Sustainability of the Finite Resources of Napa County.


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Year End Focus: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
    Save Rural Angwin wins at Board of Supervisors!
    Forest Disaster: Don't contribute to it!
    Vineyard Conversion Project, Angwin
    Experience Nature and Support Napa Vision 2050

November Focus: Is This Ag?
    Three Projects Which Could Profoundly Change Your Life in Napa County
    Why You Should Care About Modifications in the Definition of Agriculture
    Don't Let the Halls Decide Your Future in Napa County!
    Syar Twice Challenged in Court

October Focus: The Future We Want
    Napa Deforestation Photo of the Month: Guess where this one is?
    Is a Restaurant Agriculture?
    Suscol Intertribal Council's 20th Annual Native American Art & Wine Auction

Mid-September 2016 Focus: Birth of a Movement
    The Great Awakening and Defenders of the East Napa Watershed
    Coastal Cleanup, September 17, 2016
    International Solidarity Day with Demonstrations at Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota

September 2016 Focus: Acorns to Oaks
    Editorial: What Then is Napa County?
    Call for Acorns: Acorns to Oaks
    Sierra Club Appeals Napa County’s Walt Ranch Decision
    UN General Assembly Recommendations on Land Use

August 2016 Focus: Citizens' Voices
    From Our President
    When Governments Fail the Common Good
    What the Halls Say Versus the Facts
    Update: Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative
    Climate Action Protection and Walt Ranch Vineyard Conversion Project
    Interview: Ginny Simms, County Supervisor 1972-1977

July 2016 Focus: Democracy's price
    Summertime and the livin's not easy
    APAC: Lesson from the British on Staying the Course:
    What Happens Next on the Walt Ranch Saga?
    What's Going on Here?
    Deforestation in Napa County
    From Passivism to Environmentalism to Sustainability: The Evolution of Local Self-Awareness
    How Green is Napa Green?
    What to do with your summer houseguests?

June 2016 Focus: Protecting our water & our rights
    Is Something Rotten In Napa?
    Napa County Officials Illegally Block Water, Forest, Oak Woodland Protection Initiative from Nov. Ballot
    Protecting Napa from Fools
    Water: The Public Trust Doctrine
    Healing Walk: Tomorrow! June 11, 2016
    What you can do this month

May 2016 Focus
    From the President: Which side are you on?
    A New Dark Age
    Can the Vote Defeat Big Bucks?
    Napa Sierra Club Endorses Diane Shepp
    Lake Berryessa News Endorses Diane Shepp
    Update: Syar Industries Inc. Appeal
    Community Health Committee Formed
    What Oak Woodland Protection Initiative of 2016 Will Mean for Napa County
    Save the Dates: The Healing Walk, May 21 and June 11
    From Our Readers
    What you can do this month

April 2016 Focus
    From Our President
    Insights from the Forum on the Tourism Driven Economy
    Protect Napa Water
    Syar Industries, Inc., and Air Safety in Napa Valley
    Why you should support Diane Shepp for County Supervisor
    What you can do this month